Extra-Marital Affairs and Internet Dating

David Goodman from WRS interviews David Lawson on the complexities
of Internet Dating Sites which are appearing in Switzerland to promote
Extra-Marital Affairs.

Extra-Marital Affairs and Internet Dating


The nature of relationships is vastly evolving in today’s society.
The Internet brings us closer to our world of dreams and fantasy
where everything seems possible and there is always someone ‘new’.

What are the flip-side of these sites?

– We become experts at moving on lose the capacity for intimacy and deep bonds.

– We break the attachment cycle written into the fabric of every human being. We forego the grieving process completely, but ultimately become detached with all the consequences this implies

Internet Dating can certainly create the possibility of possibilities in terms of meeting the right person for us. Far better to jump with both feet into reality as quickly as possible and meet people for who they really are.

But within a committed mutually exclusive relationship, websites promoting extra-marital affairs can only cause damage to a relationship. The bed-rock of relationships are trust, directness and honesty. Destroy those and live with duplicity and your committed relationship could die a death.

Listen to this morning’s interview here:


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