Employee Assistance Programs

Our counselors are trained to the Master of Arts degree level in Counseling and belong to professional bodies such as the American Counseling Association and the Swiss Association of Counselors (ANSCo). In addition, our counselors have worked extensively in multinational organisations across Europe in a variety of business environments and have personal experience of expatriation and the psychological impacts.

The Employee Assistance Programs have two main aims: to provide professional counseling to employees and to assist the organisation in reducing factors that adversely affect performance. We work closely with companies to design the type of service best suited to the organisation and its employees.

As part of the contract, the Employee Assistance Program provides an independently managed, confidential support service, available to all members of a company’s staff.
This service offers individual counseling and coaching as a benefit to their employees and is accessed directly and privately through a help-line, accessible by telephone and e-mail.

The aim of the service is not only to provide employees with support at times of crisis but to also prevent difficulties developing into a crisis or burn-out.

Counseling sessions are available during and out with of working hours. The sessions normally last for 50 minutes and take place at the counselor’s office usually on a weekly basis. Other arrangements such as telephone consultations are also possible.

What about confidentiality?

The Employee Assistance Program is entirely confidential. All personal information about clients who uses the service is never disclosed.

We will be pleased to provide you with further details of our EAP services on request.